Testimonial by HD

Used both hands for two days

Still my daughter (3 1/2) did not want to wear it, until we examined the calendar with stickers. Finally she agreed. With a great deal of force, pushing her neck forward, and sometimes pushing with the other hand, she would be able to suck her thumb. The guide say this is normal so we kept going. And it is true, after a 2-3 days she stopped Forcing it, and then every day was less. Don’t panic if your child stretches their neck forward at first, because they will stop after some time. After almost one month my daughter was finally free of the bad habit.

Nipit is great because it did not cover her hand, and she did everything normally – just not suck her thumb. We tried two other products, including nail polish and thumb guard. Those had no chance of working. Nipit worked really great at night especially, the others did not at all. Nipit is a great invention, just have realistic expectation.