Return in 30 Days

Our Satisfaction Guarantee 30-day Return Policy:

We will provide any dissatisfied customer, who bought directly from us, with a refund. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the your NIPIT Hand Stopper’s performance, simply request a return within 30 days of purchase.

To receive credit, you must ship the Nipit back to us with all contents including the packaging (except for used Success Chart calendar, stickers and Easylocks). You are responsible for return shipping costs.

To submit a refund request please fill out the form below.

If you bought the NIPIT Hand Stopper elsewhere, you must contact the merchant directly. We only accept returns from customers in the USA.

Return Request

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Or contact us by mail at:
Nipit, LLC
414 SE Washington Blvd., #214
Bartlesville, OK 74006

Fit Check

For Ages 2-7

One size fits most.

Take Measurement

Measure the circumference of the arm around the elbow. If the measurement is 14-22cm NIPIT will fit for sure. May still fit those just slightly over and under the measurement.

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