Ready to Start?

You’ve got a NIPIT and are thinking about how to start. You expect results.
Breaking the habit is tough, but you can do it. We have poured all our experience and success stories into this easy to follow, free program.

Do a Fit Check to make sure NIPIT is worn properly and watch video about how NIPIT worksUnderstand why stopping the habit is important. Talk to your child about the importance of a healthy mouth, that includes brushing teeth, and having teeth straight for a nice smile and clear speech. Also tell them about the consequences of not stopping, such as the pain of using expensive braces for years that push and pull the teeth.
Read the Tips Guide included in the NIPIT package.Be ready to wear NIPIT everyday and every night for 21 days, and be excited about this BIG change in your life. (It’s OK to only wear it at night if you only suck at night)
Make a plan to start wearing NIPIT consistently. Prepare to use Super Success Chart and create a motivational rewards program with your child.Understand how the Super Success Chart keeps track of daily success, and get excited about the reward for completing the 21-day program.


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