The NIPIT Hand Stopper


  • STOP Thumb or Finger Sucking
  • STOP fingers from comfortably reaching the mouth
  • Ages 2-7, left arm or right, fully adjustable
  • Includes Parent Guide + positive reinforcement Chart with Stickers
  • FREE shipping, NO tax, 30-day Guarantee

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  • One size fits most, Ages 2-7
  • Measure the circumference of the arm around the elbow. If the measurement is 14-22cm NIPIT will fit for sure. May still fit those just slightly over and under the measurement.


– NIPIT Hand Stopper


– Intended for children age 2-7 years old. Right or Left arm. Boy or Girl. Fully adjustable.
– Arm circumference AROUND THE ELBOW should be BETWEEN 5″ to 9″ (14-22 cm)


– Patented “stopper” stops the fingers from comfortably reaching the mouth
– Stays in place, won’t slide off
– Washable
– Ultra comfortably, lined with Minkee fabric
– Optional Easylock System to keep it on (removable only by an adult)


– NIPIT Hand STopper
– 20 disposable childproof easylock system ties
– 1 Parents Tip Guide & Calendar & Stickers

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Quick Facts

  1. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) and the American Dental Association (ADA) say finger sucking should stop at age three, and long-term consequences may include severe overbite and palette malformation.
  2. Statistically, most children's teeth auto-correct if thumb sucking is stopped at age four.
  3. Highest success rates are achieved using the NIPIT program with positive reinforcement.