When I first put it on my son I was amazed how well it worked. My son is 8 and has sucked his thumb since age 1. James has been wearing the thumb stopper for a week and we are about ready to declare victory. We tried the foul-tasting nail polish unsuccessfully, afterwards read reviews on other products, and even talked with our pediatrician. I was surprised to find that the Nipit, literally, stopped him from sucking his thumb. It is actually quite amusing. When he bends his arm Nipit stops his elbow from bending any more and literally stops his thumb right as he’s about to suck it.

The product is extremely well made and is durable. The material is soft with happy colors. On the inside there is a spongy cushion. My advice is to put it on as loose as possible still making sure it is tight enough not to come off.

It is super easy to put on and adjust. On the third night James put it on himself (although upside down). Velcro straps make it easily adjustable to difference arm sizes. The “stopper” on the inside of the elbow is what prevents the hand from reaching the face.

I’m sure this would fit a 3 year old just fine, and kids a little older than James (8) too. If your child is much bigger than average then measure your child’s elbow before buying – AROUND THE ELBOW.

Although we did not use them, it includes 50 zip-ties that can lock the straps on so your child cannot take Nipit off. I can see how this would be useful for some kids who are really stubborn, but they sure wouldn’t like it. At least the threat of using the zipties would probably get most kids to cooperate.

I can’t think of any negatives.

Lisa Jimenz

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For Ages 2-7

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Measure the circumference of the arm around the elbow. If the measurement is 14-22cm NIPIT will fit for sure. May still fit those just slightly over and under the measurement.

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