Testimonial by Cheryl, San Diego, CA

I noticed she wasn’t socially interactive because of this bad habit…

This really works!! My 2 and half year old stoped thumb sucking the next day!!
My kid was a thumb sucker for most of her life. And I noticed that she wasn’t that socially interactive because of this bad habit. I used nipit during her nap time and during bed times along with the bitter nail polish as some of the reviews her suggested. She had stopped the habit the next day!! I still continued using the product for at least 2 weeks just to be sure. I am so proud of her it’s been almost 4 months since she quit thumb sucking. she is completely a new person.she loves to talk, play and is very curious about things as supposed to sucking her thumb is the corner of a room. This definitely changed her life for good. I would recommend this product to anyone in a heartbeat.

Cheryl, San Diego, CA