Notice results

• There should be a noticeable change in the habit.
• Your child should tell you that he/she has less urge to suck, but there is still some desire.
• You might take NIPIT off for a bit ONLY see if there is a change in the habit. The child still needs to be wearing NIPIT consistently at this stage.

Keep Going!

• Keep wearing NIPIT properly and consistently.
• Continue to be positive and provide support and praise when needed.

REVIEW Rules of Thumb
  1. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Praise, praise, praise.
  2. Wear Nipit for 21 consecutive nights, plus daytime as necessary. Track success with the Super Success Chart every day. Praise your child for wearing Nipit, making sure it is worn correctly and consistently.
  3. After 21 days, or after the child has completely stopped thumb sucking day and night, continue wearing Nipit every night for one more week.