Parent(s) and child should commit to the Super Success Program.  It is important that both the parent an child is ready, and willing, to stop thumb sucking.  Signup for the free program

It is realistic to expect it to take up to 21 days to eliminate the thumb sucking habit, and it may take longer.  You may notice a change in the habit in just a few days.  Monitor your child for up to 60 days to make sure the habit does not return.

The first few nights your child may be emotional or experience minor sleep disturbances.  This is very normal in the short term.

If you do not set goals you and your child agree on, or your child does not wear NIPIT consistently, chances of success will be low.  If your child follows the Super Success Program, and you provide positive reinforcement, chances for success are extremely high.

When is the Right Time to Stop?

Your child has a desire to stop.  Statements such as these are a good indication:

“ I want to stop, but it is so hard… ” or “ I am trying but I just can’t… ”

Most importantly, you are ready to support your child with positive reinforcement, and you commit to making sure NIPIT is worn properly and consistently.  If your family is experiencing a major life change such as a new sibling, a move, etc., consider delaying the start of this program.

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Measure the circumference of the arm around the elbow. If the measurement is 14-22cm NIPIT will fit for sure. May still fit those just slightly over and under the measurement.

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