NIPIT was designed to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking, but it really stops the oral fixation altogether. By contrast, thumb guards and finger guards are worn on the hand and kids often transfer the habit from sucking the thumb to sucking a finger, or to chewing on the thumb guard.

The key to breaking the habit is first understanding that it is an “oral fixation,” not just a desire to suck on the thumb or fingers.  If you can break the oral fixation then you cut off the root of the problem.  If you stop thumb sucking alone, the oral fixation will often manifest itself as a different problem, such as nail biting, or pen chewing, etc.   To be free from the fixation is incredibly empowering and freeing for the child.

NIPIT breaks the oral habit.

NIPIT is an improvement based on the clinical, time-tested approach using an Ace™ Bandage.  The Ace Bandage to break the digit-sucking habit is proven successful by Dr. Steven M. Adair, DDS, MS, in a 1999 publication in American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, titled “The Ace Bandage approach to digit-sucking habits” (research).

Dr. Adair’s reserach showed the ACE Bandage works to stop thumb sucking.  However there are several disadvantages.  Disadvantages include that the ACE Bandage is time consuming and difficult to put on, and can easily be removed by the child.  Also, the ACE Bandage is bulky and unsightly so it is best for nighttime only.  NIPIT was designed to incorporate all the benefits of this time-tested approach, with an easy-to-use application and kid-friendly design.

ace bandage to stop digit-sucking and thumb sucking

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