The Program includes the NIPIT, a Motivational Reward System, and Coaching Emails

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Child wears NIPIT for 21 consecutive nights, plus daytime as necessary. Praise child for wearing NIPIT daily, and make sure NIPIT is worn correctly and consistently.



Use the chart and stickers to track success every day. Motivate your child with positive reinforcement and little rewards along the way.




  • For your child’s specific age and habit type
  • How to deal with the unexpected behaviors
  • Easy-to-follow video
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When is the Right Time to Start?

  • Your child has a desire to stop.  Statements such as these are a good indication:
    • “ I want to stop, but it is so hard… ” or
    • “ I am trying but I just can’t… ”
  • You are ready to support your child with positive reinforcement, and you commit to making sure NIPIT is worn properly and consistently.
  • If your family is experiencing a major life change such as a new sibling, a move, etc., consider delaying the start of this program.
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Have Realistic Expectations

  • It is realistic to expect it to take up to 21 days to eliminate the thumb or finger sucking habit, and it may take longer.  You may notice a change in the habit in just a few days.  Monitor your child for up to 60 days to make sure the habit does not return. 
  • The first few nights your child may be emotional or experience minor sleep disturbances.  This is very normal in the short term. 
  • Results will be great if you and your child agree NIPIT will be worn consistently, and goals are set. Otherwise, you may not achieve desired results.  If you both follow the Super Success Program, and you provide positive reinforcement, chances for success are extremely high.

Starts to get uncomfortable…

Talk to your Child about How NIPIT Works

Explain to your child that when they put their fingers to the mouth NIPIT is going to make it uncomfortable. Teach your child that when it feels uncomfortable, they should take their fingers away from their mouth.

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Helping Your Child Get Through the Day

  • Motivation and positive reinforcement are the key.  Use the Calendar and Stickers to track progress every day.  Offer a special reward for successful completion of the program and stopping the habit.
  • It is important that your child does not perceive NIPIT as a punishment.
  • Plan on using NIPIT whenever your child would normally suck thumb, such as while watching T.V., before bed, in the car, etc.
  • If your child says they have the willpower and self-control to get through the day without NIPIT, give them the chance to be successful on their own.  But if they are still finger sucking, don’t wait to put on NIPIT!
    • They MUST make a big effort to achieve desired results.
    • Watch for the daytime triggers of sucking and provide an alternative activity to keep their fingers busy.
    • Give praise throughout the day and at night for making the effort to quit. 
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When to Stop Using NIPIT?

  • Every child is different, some kids need more than 21 days.
  • Once you have determined your child has quit, continue wearing NIPIT for 7 more days.
  • If child resumes thumb or finger sucking, restart the program from the beginning.
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