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Worth every penny

My son is almost 3 years old and had been sucking his thumb since he was 4 months old. I knew I had to stop this habit, but I just kept letting go. It seemed to soothed him when he fell asleep. He would not get a good night sleep because all the sucking noise. I tried different things to stop the habit, but nothing seem to work. I searched For many remedies online, but never came across anything that had good ratings. Now I can say that I found the perfect solution which had a 100% success rate. I was a little worried about the sizing, but didn’t have an issue since it fit perfectly. It has adjustable straps which made it easy. It was shipped quickly and got it after 2 days of ordering it! It arrived Christmas Eve, so it was the perfect gift for my son. My husband and I told him that it was a super hero arm band. He was so excited to wear it. He was o.k wearing it during the day, but had a hard time wearing at night for the first 3 days. We stuck to it and it worked. He wore it for 2 weeks straight. My son doesn’t suck his thumb anymore. I highly recommend the Nip-It. Definitely worth every penny!

Verified customer