The First Week

Here we go! This first week will feel like the first big drop down a scary roller coaster ride. When you get through this you’ll be done with the hardest part. Your child can do this, Nipit is there to help!

# Parent Child
Don’t panic if your child demonstrates reaching the fingers to the mouth while straining the neck and arm. This is a normal, temporary behavior during the first week. Make sure you are ALWAYS wearing NIPIT. (It’s OK to only wear it at night if you only suck at night).
Make sure you are putting stickers on the Super Success Chart for each successful day. Acknowledge your child for wearing NIPIT multiple times per day. Be positive and praise your child. Have all your favorite things ready if you feel the urge to suck your fingers. Keep your fingers busy! Keep your fingers busy if you are having a tough moment.
Praise, praise, praise your child for wearing NIPIT and not sucking. Give a small reward every couple days (like extra ice cream or an extra story at night time). Talk to your parent about your feelings and let them know if you need a hug or some support.


As long as NIPIT makes it uncomfortable or difficult to suck, it will work. Be patient.

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Fit Check

For Ages 2-7

One size fits most.

Take Measurement

Measure the circumference of the arm around the elbow. If the measurement is 14-22cm NIPIT will fit for sure. May still fit those just slightly over and under the measurement.

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