Das Daumen oder Finger Lutschen Stoppt mit NIPIT. Reduziere Hand-Gesicht Kontakt.

Vorteile von NIPIT

Das Säugereflex abgewöhnen in 5-21 Tage

Dentist Recommended

#1 Kinderarzt Empfohlen

NIPIT ist bei Kinderspezialisten überprüft und bewährt. Die Armband verwendet das Ellbogen um das Säugereflex zu stoppen. Die Hand und Finger sind frei. NIPIT macht es sehr unangenehm die Finger in den Mund zu stecken, aber es ist bequem und zuverlässig fuer die Entwicklung des Kindes und das Alltägliche.

No Covered Fingers

Die Finger sind Frei

Bequem für Tag oder Nacht, NIPIT kann man auch beim Essen order Hände waschen an lassen.

Eingenschaften & Wie NIPIT Funktioniert

NIPIT lässt sich einfach verwenden.

Thumb to Mouth
  • Fuer Daumen oder Finger Lutschen

  • Ultra weich und bunt farbig für Kinder

  • Für Kinder 2-7 Jahre alt

  • Waschmachinenfest

  • Wahlfreie "Easylock System" Festigungskabeln für Erwachsene Kontrolle


Das Design von NIPIT verhindert, dass die Finger *bequem* in den Mund gelangen.

NIPIT reduziert der Arm Bewegungsumfang auf etwa 100 Grad indem der Ellbogen eingeschränkt ist aber nicht die Hand oder Finger. Ihr Kind kann weiterhin alle normalen täglichen Aktivitäten ausführen.

Bonus: Inklusiv bunte Motivationskalendar mit Aufkleber!


Real People. Real Reviews.

Rated #1 by Pediatric Dentists

My dentist recommended Nipit

My 4 year old daughter sucked her finger constantly, daytime and at night. Her dentist told me that she really had to stop thumb sucking or she risked permanent pallet damage that will cost a lot to fix later.  Her mouth was already shaping around her thumb. The dentist told us about the Nipit and said it is the best product available. Our daughter loved the cute colorful design and willingly cooperated, and the motivational program and calendar and stickers all worked brilliantly! After three weeks we declared victory!! THANK YOU Nipit!

Brenda & Mike

Nipit is High Quality!

The materials are really good, and it is very well made. It has stretchy neoprene that is on quality sports products, soft minkee, and the calendar and stickers and included parent guide are thoughtfully designed. Nipit is so easy to put on, and has optional “easy locks” (zip ties) that let you fasten it so it is hard for your child to get off. My daughter, who is five, really liked the colors and asks for it on her own before bed. Wow!

Cheryl Cassy

Worked when nail polish couldn’t

After trying the nail polish on my seven year old for a week I was about to give up. Amazon recommends mavala stop very high for thumb sucking but it did not work at all. My son got used to the taste in just a couple days and it didn’t bother him at all when sleeping. I liked the nipit because the fingers are kept free, and after one week we noticed a big change in the habit! Hugely happy! Recommendation: follow the plan, and give lots of positive encouragement to your little one.


100% Recommend Nipit!

Super fast shipping! Our 6 year old has been sucking his thumb since birth & we tried everything else (thumb guard, nail polish, bribes) to get him to stop with no success. Last night was our first night using the Nipit Hand Stopper. He can get his thumb to his mouth if he pushes and bends hard but he can’t hold it too long, and he fell asleep without sucking! He went through all sorts of emotions until he finally fell asleep but he woke up in a great mood! I’ve been in the dental field for 15 years and know the importance of getting him to stop. I would recommend this product 100%!

Lisa Batcheller

Finally a product that works

We ended up going through the whole sticker chart, and then some, but our 5-year-old daughter really bought into this concept and would remind us each night if we’d forget to put it on her. She liked putting a sticker on the chart each morning she kept it on through the night, and after each week we’d reward her with a small toy or treat–I think the combo of the arm band plus earning rewards helped to keep her engaged and dedicated to kicking her habit. We tried other DIY solutions, but this was the only thing that worked. This clever invention gets 5 stars from us!

Eric Lundmerger

Saved my kid’s finger!

My 3 year old was in danger of losing his finger from infection after infection only exasperated by his finger sucking. I bought product after product with no resolve. I was desperate and bought this! It worked! It is sooo simple I thought it would never work. But it did!!! His finger and nail are saved and it is because of nipit!

William bennett